by Lewis Childs

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Every song on this album has a unique voice, telling stories of runaway horses, VW buses, ancient cities, and whizzing arrows. The narrative twists and turns through life's unexpected surprises emerging out of an an epic sonic landscape.


released December 11, 2009

Record Label: Groundswell Records
Produced by: Lewis Childs


all rights reserved



Lewis Childs Portland, Oregon

Lewis Childs is a songwriter, performer, educator and recording engineer based in Portland, Oregon. Born in Los Angeles, California He has worked with many artists including harmonica virtuoso, Joe Powers, Márcio daLari (Brazilian Master of Percussion), Maggie Wheeler (actress and singer known for her work on the popular T.V. show "Friends”), Robin Jackson and Brizzleman. ... more

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Track Name: Life is a River
Sunny Jim found me down by the waterside
My body was taken by the cold
Sang like a mockingbird, style sweet and low
Thought of the good times forgotten long ago
He sat down looked me in the eyes, smile crept up from my toes
He taught me an old song, spoke to my soul,
Something from way back to get us down the road

Life is a river that is rollin’ on down to the sea
You can try and swim upstream, might as well float with me

As we sang that sweet little tune, my troubles we’re lifted like a stone
Had a skip in my step, felt the rhythm in my bones
As we made our way down to Shady Grove, You know where that is!
Now in the grove people get together, sing neath that rising sun
Jim brought his song from the waterside
The people began to sing along

Life is a river that is rollin’ on down to the sea.
You can try and swim upstream, might as well float with me.

Raised my head, took a look around only to find Sunny Jim was gone Shady Grove an elusive dream, you know I tried to trace the scene
As I woke up, soul began to sing
Life! I have left this sweet little tune, the images my friends in the grove
Maybe days before you know, you’ll be hummin’ soft and low
Sunny Jim’s soul lives on in river song
Track Name: 13 Butterfly
Butterfly I rode when I was thirteen found my way to the shores of Mexico Think the devil claimed the young mares soul, and for just five dollars
You could take a chance, see how far you could go

She reared up and I kicked her sides, all my thoughts were left behind
There was nothing but the waves and the hills in the distance
The devil must have passed us by, I yanked the reigns
She didn’t pay any mind, there were clods of wet sand flyin’ in the wind
I must admit that I was kind of scared, when I saw… White Helmets
There’s some MP’s stationed up ahead… Military men

Butterfly I rode when I was thirteen found myself at the gates of Hades den Tried to turn around she wouldn’t go, I saw blood shot eyes
The barrel of a gun, next thing I heard was a warning shell
She was a fiery steed all I could do was yell (Wooh!)

She reared up and I kicked her once again, there was no turning back I said, “We’ll see this to the end.” Shots rang out, I could feel death creepin’ in Butterfly had more to give and we made it, round the bend… in the road.

Butterfly I rode I was thirteen found myself at the gates of Hades den Butterfly was a ragin’ soul, took me to the edge, brought me back again
Butterfly I rode I was thirteen found myself at the gates of Hades den Butterfly was a ragin’ soul took me to the edge she brought me back again
She brought me back again,
She brought me back
Track Name: Tumultuous Affair
In the midst of your blue green swirlin’ waves
Found ways to let go of myself,
Everything tumblin’ so slowly,
Reflections of faces that move me
The dark and unknown.

I can hear your low speech
Warning of the dangers approaching
Ticklin’ my knees, the way I feel,
Heart pounding beats, shakin’ beach,
Should I go on or must I retreat, and I know you have been there
So close to the edge that it feels just like flyin’ and I‘ll hold you
When I’m far from here, we’ll embrace in the tides and we’ll melt into one
You have shown me, now you’ll leave me.
I could stay with you, you know I’d be without a home,
So you’ll free me, the air I’ll breathe,
There is no place like the tumult and we can’t go on anymore
Track Name: So Tired
Come silent depths past emerging, clean sea air
Grapple harness unfathomable power
Not ours to take
Exhumation, exhalation faint breath
Dive deep don’t take in much air

Waves roar backlashes escape night
Darkness does not conceal white skin chased
Harpoon in its back
Manifestation hibernation
Caves we have built
Illusions of insight

So tired just can’t sleep
You come into my dreams
You promise me release

Delicate hour changing of the guard, you try and catch me
Four point buck have lived enough seasons, know your schemes
Whizzing arrows and projectiles
Think I know how to deal
The source dried up polluted bought sold nothing left to drink

So tired just can’t sleep
Come into my dreams
You promise me release
Release, release, release
Track Name: Be
I want to be a shape-shifter rest of my life
I want to be a shape-shifter put an end to this strife
Know people of this world see the pain in their eyes
I want to bring that teardrop bucket
You know I want to hold them while they cry

I want to be a pain reliever rest of my days
I want to be a pain reliever
Find a way out of these old and rusty chains
Know people of this world
I feel the weight of the load that they bear
Want to lift that burden from their backs and watch them
Raise their arms in the air

You know I look up to Harriet, Yoda, Dr. Martin Luther King
Benazir Bhutto, Jesus and the bearer of the ring
The big G of course and Mestre Bimba who reinvented the game
And then there was that guy with the big belly
What was his name?

Want to always remember for the rest of my life
Want to always remember that this wheel keeps on spinnin’ round
Feel it churnin’ deep inside now check it!
Everybody needs to make money
Everybody needs to make dough
If you don’t have a penny
Please don’t go
Everybody needs a good friend
In good times or when it gets so cold
Everybody needs somebody to love

I want to be a…
I want to be a….
I want to be a…..
I want to be
Track Name: The Source
Refrain: When the feelin’ is right you don’t have to open your mouth wide
You can tell her everything with your eyes
Currents of our minds slip silently entwined stream of golden light
Endless ebb and flow of the tides feelin’ mellow
We could be taken by the waves tonight
Keep a lookout for the source and let me know what you find
Along the way, there is so much more to this world than meets the eye

Sun it came pourin’ through my window, in the month of May
Now those clouds just keep rollin’ in
There doesn’t seem to be an end
Ways you move me
You caught me by surprise, when everything was turned upon its side
We caught a glance of each other in a different light
There was somethin’ in the air
Now things they don’t seem so clear
What do we really have to fear?

You know I can start to believe in a little magic
Remember when we stepped outside
Into the calmness, that fading night
We were filled with the hope of a new inspiration
Now the past is not too far-gone
Still we have to find a way to keep movin’ on
You know I’d like to linger in this world a little bit longer
Just a little bit longer

Let me know, well I’ll ask you what you know
Let me know, let me know what you find
Track Name: For You
I write this for you my friend with the hope that I might surrender
Some of these feelings that keep me from getting to you
We passed the night away, in a foreign room
The conversation comes around
Yeah, I’m left feeling like the dream is through
It’s like being on parade, when you reach the end
There’s a cardboard cut-out waiting there to greet you
What we had was true, you know I’d like to get it back again
Silence is a dangerous edge, when someone else is speaking for…

You took me without even knowing
Now I am free to find my own and you know I will get there

I hear you’ve been blue, I want to see you shining in the tumult
We share the struggle, we just saw things from a different point of view
The times we shared
The pressure begins, we feel the weight upon our shoulders
The time is now to make our dreams come true
I want to hear what’s inside of…

You took me without even knowing
Now we are free to find our own and I know we will get there

Reach for horizons let go of what’s troubling you
Make it a mountain I think you know just what to do
Every step intention we will see
I want to see
I want to see us breaking I want to see us breaking I want to see us breaking down the walls that keep us from the truth (repeat)

I write this for you my friend
I write this for you (repeat)
Track Name: Take Me Home
Bessie’s going to take me home
She knows where she’s goin’
Hear the radio play we’re rollin’ down the road
She is a rambler and I am a restless soul

Color of a whiskey sun, listen to the pancake run
Four hundred thousand miles we’ve come
We go way back two years to the day I was born

I remember breakin’ down in Rifle
I remember breakin’ down in Jensen town
We watched the people turn around
We had to fix that gal we were on our way to Yellowstone

I remember sittin’ on my daddy’s knee
I remember windin’ down that mountain road
A young boy in control
Westy in the Northwest all the way down to Mexico

Now that papa has flown away
I’d like to bring you back some day
To the place where I come from
I’d like to bring you back on home
To the place where I belong
Honey won’t you take me home
Take me home, take me home
Honey won’t you take me home

Honey take me home
Take me home
In the stillness of the evenin’
Take me home
And when dawn comes over the rise
Take me home
Honey take me home

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